About us

We would like to take this as an opportunity to introduce ourselves as a manufacturers of Special Building Materials made of Precast Concrete (P.C), Precast Concrete Reconstituted Stone (D.R.S) / Artificial Stone ( الحجر الصناعي ) & Precast Glass Reinforced Concrete (G.R.C) with an unlimited range of different Shapes, Textures, Colors and Sizes - from the small Brick Slip of a few Grams to the big Panel of a few Tons, representing several lines of production, of which we can mention the following:


  • Cladding products : Range from small Brick Slips to big Cladding Panels.
  • Moulded products : Lintels, Cornices, Frames, Parapets, Claustra, Balustrades etc.
  • Structural elements : Columns, Building Hollow Bricks, Building Stone Coated Blocks etc.
  • Street Furniture products: Seats, Bollards, Light Columns, Planters ,Etc
  • Precast Brick of wide range of textures and dimensions.
  • Landscaping products.
  • Special Design Roof Tiles.


Specast has left during more than Forty years, and still with increasing success, its very distinctive touch of Quality, Beauty and Durability, everywhere in the U.A.E in the most prestigious Buildings, Towers, Mosques, Palaces, Villas, Parks.Etc...


  • The unlimited variety to meet any design requirement.
  • The continuous creation of Specast new items for facing, building and paving.
  • The established high technical characteristics of Specast.
  • The immediate local availability of Specast materials.